Posted Feb 2023

Updated UK Visa rule for Skilled Workers and its benefits to Indian students studying in the UK

2023 has begun on a great note for students that are looking forward to studying abroad specifically in the United Kingdom. Amid all the suspicions heeding whether student visas in the UK might become complicated from 2023, the students were pleasantly surprised with the change in rules. Now thanks to these modifications, there are ways in which students can shift their status to work visas even before they graduate from the University.

The United Kingdom Government has established some modifications in the eligibility criteria for their Skilled Worker Visa, making it simpler for international students studying in the country to switch over. As per the revised regulations, applicants don't need to hold a degree-level qualification to pertain to the skilled worker visa. Students who can attain a job offer from an employer authorized by the Home Office can then apply to switch from the student route visa to the skilled worker visa directly.

After the announcement of these revised rules, students all over the world who are currently studying in the UK are delighted. This includes Indian students as well as they would now enjoy several perks of the shift in regulations.

● More and more Indian students will have the option for this path since it proposes an economical and quicker pathway to full-time employment in the UK. 
● The alteration in these rules will provide greater flexibility and unlimited opportunities for international students which include Indian students as well.
● Students can work part-time while they are studying with a skilled worker visa which will be fruitful for having a side income or hustle.
● They can opt for a career in the UK for a longer period without worrying about the daunting loan amounts as they can pay it off while they are studying.

This transition will make the Skilled Worker Visa extra accessible to a larger range of individuals and will enable them to contribute their skills and mastery to the UK economy.  The UK requires it to continue to benefit and persuade international talent, as this will help drive invention and development in the country.

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