Course and University Selection

The Lakshya team is dedicated to assisting you in identifying suitable courses and institutions that are most aligned with your objectives. We recognize that deciding on a career path and a university is the most important step in the process. The likelihood of achieving your goals is heavily dependent on the course and university you choose.


Struggling to choose the perfect course for you?

Don’t worry!

Whether you're torn between two or more courses or just have no idea what kind of career you desire, we’ll help you find the perfect course for you and coordinate your university application through one-on-one counseling sessions with our Lakshya experts.

With advanced knowledge and rich experience, our counselors provide comprehensive guidance, enabling aspirants to choose an appropriate course, university, and nation from among the umpteen options available.

Our affiliations with the world-renowned universities enable us to provide exclusive scholarships, speedy correspondences, hassle-free applications, and optimistic visa application results depending on our student's personal and financial capabilities.

Course Selection

We at Lakshya, strive to enhance the profile of our students while motivating them to push boundaries and reach their full potential. Our rich knowledge matching system allows us to maintain a close check on all of the most up-to-date information on our partner institutions, such as their most recent application criteria, and so on.

Given that each course and the university is unique, as well as the fact that students have varied preferences, below are the factors our specialists evaluate while assisting you in finding the finest solutions and course possibilities.

Your Strengths & Objectives

During our counseling sessions, we spend time reflecting on your abilities and interests. Our professional counselors assess each student's strengths and preferences, assisting you in streamlining your applications.

Career Opportunities

Pursuing a course is pointless unless it prepares you for a successful career. We take into account future demand and job possibilities for your chosen course, both in your home country and overseas.

Considering timelines & budgets

We present to you the many university options comprising your desired courses after a deep evaluation of your budget, the academic year you wish to enroll in, and the intake you wish to apply for. As each university has its unique admissions and entry procedures, your Lakshya advisor will walk you through the intricacies of when, where, and how to apply and begin your course in your desired location.

Culture and life on campus

Whether you will be pleased and satisfied in your international education journey is determined by the university's environment and social culture. Every pupil has his or her own set of preferences. You may thrive in a bustling city or choose to live in the countryside. You could prefer a campus with a lot of ethnic diversity or strong social programs. These are crucial considerations that we take into account while selecting a university.



Your international future has limitless possibilities. Make an appointment with a Lakshya Counseling professional who can assist you in planning your route to a brighter future.

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