Best TOEFL Coaching

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is a standardized test that measures the English language proficiency of non-native speakers who want to study in an English-speaking academic environment.
We at Lakshya Overseas assist students to prepare for TOEFL and other Language proficiency test at our multiple centers in Indore | Pune | Surat | Ludhiana | Chandigarh | Vadodara.


TOEFL Exam Pattern

Duration: 4 hours

Score Range: 0-120

Format: Computer-based or Paper-based

Subjects Tested: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing

Number of Questions:

Reading: 3-4 passages, 12-14 questions each (60-100 minutes)
Listening: 4-6 lectures, 6 questions each; 2-3 conversations, 5 questions each (60-90 minutes)
Speaking: 6 tasks (20 minutes)
Writing: 2 tasks (50 minutes)

Why Choose Lakshya Overseas?

Our team at Lakshya Overseas Education is dedicated to providing personalized support to help students achieve their study abroad goals. We have a wealth of experience in the field, and are well-versed in the latest requirements and trends in standardized tests and the application process. With our expert guidance, students can feel confident and prepared as they take the next step in their education journey. Choose us for a stress-free and successful study abroad experience.


Why TOEFL Coaching

TOEFL coaching helps students prepare for the Test of English as a Foreign Language and achieve their desired score. With expert instruction, personalized feedback, and practice tests, students can improve their language skills, increase their confidence, and become better equipped to succeed in an English-speaking academic environment. By enrolling in TOEFL coaching, students can maximize their chances of success and reach their academic and professional goals.

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