Cyprus is a well-liked tourism destination and the third-largest and most populous island in the Mediterranean. This is due to its pleasant climate, exciting nightlife, and stunning mountain range. By allocating almost 7% of its GDP to education, the nation ranks among the top three education spenders in the world.

Why Should I Study in Cyprus?

Cyprus is well recognized for its warm summers and bright beaches, but it also has a robust and excellent educational system. Cyprus offers a surprising amount of institutions offering degrees and programs, despite being a Mediterranean island. Universities both public and private make up these organizations. Both provide top-notch services and degrees of a high caliber at affordable prices.

Details about Cyprus

Cyprus is the 80th-largest island in the world by land mass. It measures 62 miles (100 kilometers) in width and 149 miles (240 kilometers) in length. It is quite close to Turkey, and it may be divided into two regions: the north and the south. The Green Line, a United Nations-designated buffer zone, divides the two regions.

Cyprus is a well-liked vacation spot, particularly for beach vacations. In that region of the European Union, Cyprus has one of the warmest climates, which explains this. Beginning in April and concluding in November, the summer season lasts for around eight months each year. There are lots of options to hike on the Troodos Mountain range as well as unwind by the coast.

Cost of Studying and Living in Cyprus

Cyprus uses the Euro (EUR) as its currency.

Higher education institutions in Cyprus are able to determine their own tuition fees. he average cost of a bachelor's degree ranges from 3,400 to 8,000 Euros a year, depending on the university of choice. Between 5,000 and 10,000 Euros are often required for a master's degree per year. The cost of MBAs and doctoral degrees is likely to be higher. Students from non-EU nations will likely pay more than those from EU nations because Cyprus is an EU member.

Costs of Living

The majority of Cyprus' larger universities have their own dorm facilities. This is typically more affordable than renting an apartment out on the open market. Many institutions will assist students in finding safe and affordable housing if necessary.

A wonderful option to pay for your studies and living expenses is to work while you are a student. However, there are rules that limit how many hours a non-resident can work. This implies that you shouldn’t rely on employment to cover your living and educational expenses in Cyprus.

Student visas for Cyprus

You won't need a visa to study in Cyprus if you're an EU student. You might need to submit a number of documents, though, depending on your school. For instance, a copy of your passport, evidence that you can speak English, and a completed application form The Civil Registry and Migration Department must receive an application for a temporary residency permit from EU students.

If you want to study in Cyprus, you must get a student visa if you are not an EU citizen. You must be a full-time student enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester in order to receive one of these. Student visas may be issued either in Cyprus or abroad. The Migration Department or a Republic of Cyprus Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate may carry out this function.



Language English is the primary language of instruction at both public and private institutions in Cyprus. This indicates that a certain standard of English proficiency is required. Typically, when applying, the level of English will be specified as a prerequisite. Colleges and universities frequently provide pre-sessional English classes if your English proficiency is below the acceptable level. These give potential pupils the chance to sharpen their language abilities.


The northern part of Cyprus is home to Nicosia, which serves as the nation's capital. Nicosia was ranked as the 32nd wealthiest city in the world in 2018. It has developed a reputation as the island's primary international business hub and financial centre. For international students, it is the ideal location! Along with a plethora of cultural establishments like museums, art galleries, and theatres, it is home to eight universities.


Courses in Study In Cyprus

Degrees in Cyprus that you might be interested in pursuing:

  • Accounting degrees in Cyprus
  • Agribusiness degrees in Cyprus
  • Architecture degrees in Cyprus
  • Biomedical Engineering degrees in Cyprus
  • Business Management degrees in Cyprus
  • Business Psychology degrees in Cyprus
  • Civil Engineering degrees in Cyprus
  • Criminology degrees in Cyprus
  • Cyber Security degrees in Cyprus
  • Economics degrees in Cyprus
  • Electrical Engineering degrees in Cyprus
  • Engineering Management degrees in Cyprus
  • Film degrees in Cyprus
  • Finance degrees in Cyprus
  • Fine Art degrees in Cyprus
  • Governance degrees in Cyprus
  • Graphic Design degrees in Cyprus
  • Healthcare Management degrees in Cyprus
  • Hospitality degrees in Cyprus
  • Information Systems degrees in Cyprus
  • Interior Design degrees in Cyprus
  • International Relations degrees in Cyprus
  • Journalism degrees in Cyprus
  • Law degrees in Cyprus
  • Leadership degrees in Cyprus
  • Marketing degrees in Cyprus
  • Mathematics degrees in Cyprus
  • Mechanical Engineering degrees in Cyprus
  • Medicine degrees in Cyprus
  • Mental Health degrees in Cyprus
  • Music degrees in Cyprus
  • Nursing degrees in Cyprus
  • Oil and Gas Engineering degrees in Cyprus
  • Physical Education degrees in Cyprus
  • Physics degrees in Cyprus
  • Psychology degrees in Cyprus
  • Public Administration degrees in Cyprus
  • Public Relations degrees in Cyprus
  • Real Estate degrees in Cyprus
  • Social Work degrees in Cyprus
  • Sports Management degrees in Cyprus
  • Sports Science degrees in Cyprus

Masters you may be interested in studying in Cyprus:

  • Accounting masters in Cyprus
  • Agribusiness masters in Cyprus
  • Architecture masters in Cyprus
  • Biomedical Engineering masters in Cyprus
  • Business Management masters in Cyprus
  • Business Psychology masters in Cyprus
  • Civil Engineering masters in Cyprus
  • Criminology masters in Cyprus
  • Cyber Security masters in Cyprus
  • Economics masters in Cyprus
  • Electrical Engineering masters in Cyprus
  • Engineering Management masters in Cyprus
  • Film masters in Cyprus
  • Finance masters in Cyprus
  • Fine Art masters in Cyprus
  • Governance masters in Cyprus
  • Graphic Design masters in Cyprus
  • Healthcare Management masters in Cyprus
  • Hospitality masters in Cyprus
  • Information Systems masters in Cyprus
  • Interior Design masters in Cyprus
  • International Relations masters in Cyprus
  • Journalism masters in Cyprus
  • Law masters in Cyprus
  • Leadership masters in Cyprus
  • MBA masters in Cyprus
  • Marketing masters in Cyprus
  • Mathematics masters in Cyprus
  • Mechanical Engineering masters in Cyprus
  • Medicine masters in Cyprus
  • Mental Health masters in Cyprus
  • Music masters in Cyprus
  • Nursing masters in Cyprus
  • Oil and Gas Engineering masters in Cyprus
  • Physical Education masters in Cyprus
  • Physics masters in Cyprus
  • Psychology masters in Cyprus
  • Public Administration masters in Cyprus
  • Public Relations masters in Cyprus
  • Real Estate masters in Cyprus
  • Social Work masters in Cyprus
  • Sports Management masters in Cyprus
  • Sports Science masters in Cyprus

Universities in Cyprus:

  • Cyprus Academy of Arts - CAA
  • Cyprus International University
  • Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine
  • European University Cyprus
  • Frederick University
  • Neapolis University Pafos
  • Unicaf Scholarships
  • University of Central Lancashire - Cyprus (UCLan)
  • University of Cyprus
  • University of Nicosia
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