Polish history goes back a long way, giving international students a vibrant and culturally diverse atmosphere. Despite its difficult past, the nation has become a sought-after travel destination, offering a variety of architecture, cuisine, and breathtaking nature.

Why Educate In Poland?

Poland, which is in Central Europe, is the ideal location for international students who want to learn about European culture and receive a top-notch education.

Poland provides programs in a variety of subject areas and has three levels of study in accordance with the Bologna Process. Both officially financed and privately funded institutions make up Poland's higher education system. Both of these types of institutions have distinct subject specializations and levels of accreditation. In the top 1000 of the QS World University Rankings, 10 Polish universities can be found, with the University of Warsaw coming in first.

Poland's first university, today known as Jagiellonian University, was established in 1364. It is among the oldest institutions of higher learning still in existence and is listed in the top 500 of the QS rankings. The visual arts, music, and theatre programs offered by Poland's higher education institutions are particularly renowned. A large range of technical schools in many fields are also available.

Politik Poland

Poland is a wonderful nation that borders Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ukraine, and Belarus. Geographical elements like the Carpathian Mountains and the Sudetes are among its expansive landscapes. Poland is one of the most populous nations in Europe, with a population of about 39 million.

The nation's past is still one of its distinguishing characteristics even as it advances. Over 70% of all imprisoned Jewish prisoners during World War II were in Poland's concentration camps and historical Holocaust monuments, which are frequented by tourists. The nation is now enlightened and takes pleasure in its religious and cultural diversity, which encourages originality and high-level thinking.

Prices For Living And Studying In Poland

The official currency of Poland is the Polish zloty (PLN). Polish nationals are entitled to free higher education in Poland. You must take a course taught in Polish and take the same entrance tests as Polish students if you want to study for free. You will be required to pay tuition fees if you are unable to meet this requirement. You can anticipate paying between PLN 8,539 and PLN 16,000 year at a public institution. Tuition at a private institution might cost up to PLN 25,300. You shouldn't rely on financial aid because there aren't many scholarships accessible to international students. However, it could be worthwhile to inquire with your preferred institution since they might give funding. Your choice of residence and way of life will affect your cost of living. You should budget at least PLN 2,500 per month for living expenses. If you decide to live on campus, it will be less expensive than renting an apartment privately. You might be able to find a part-time work to assist with your living expenses. You won't need any additional authorization to function if you are from an EU/EEA nation. If you are from another nation, your employer might need to submit an application for a work permit before you can start working. As an international student, you shouldn't depend on a job to pay for your studies. Health insurance is an additional cost of life that international students must take into account. EHIC holders are exempt from the requirement to buy health insurance. You should have the same access to free healthcare as Polish nationals if you show your EHIC. If you are a citizen of the EU and do not already have an EHIC, you should do so before travelling to Poland. Your country's embassy can give you information on the agreements that many nations have with the Polish government to allow their residents access to free healthcare there. These agreements include the UK, Sweden, and Slovakia. If you are from another nation, you must buy health insurance that covers your time in Poland. Before leaving your native nation or as soon as you land in Poland, you can do this. If you don't get health insurance, you'll be responsible for paying the high cost of any medical care you need.

Student Visas In Poland

You will not require a student visa to study in Poland if you are from an EU/EEA nation. To cover the length of your stay, you must apply for a temporary residency permit. You can acquire this via your neighborhood Voivodeship Office. If you are from any other nation, you must obtain a visa in order to visit Poland. However, this visa has a three-month validity limit, so you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit to cover the term of your studies. You must visit the Polish embassy or consulate in your home country to submit a visa application.



Polish is the official language of Poland. Along with several other minority languages being spoken, the nation also has one regionally recognized language, Kashubian. Universities frequently provide English-language courses at various levels. If English is not your first language, you might need to provide proof of your language skills in order to enroll in your course. Your university will undoubtedly provide English language courses to help you get better if you don't fulfill the requirements. If you get in touch with your university, you can learn more about the precise requirements. It is usually advised to make an attempt to learn as much of the Polish language as you can, even if you are learning in English. A wonderful approach to practice is to speak with locals and other international students. If you want to get job while you're still in school or afterward, having this ability will look great on your CV or resume.



Nearly 1.8 million people call Warsaw, Poland's capital, home. In addition to being a global leader and a popular tourist destination, it is one of the wealthiest capitals in Central and Eastern Europe. Before the World War II bombs, the ancient old town was regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. It is now a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site.
Many notable universities and colleges may be found in Warsaw. One of the biggest technical universities in Europe is Warsaw University of Technology. Many notable universities and colleges may be found in Warsaw. One of the biggest technical universities in Europe is Warsaw University of Technology. The oldest college of economics in the nation is the Warsaw School of Economics.


Wroclaw’s history, which spans more than a thousand years, is a melting pot of numerous religions and cultures. The city has hosted numerous events over the years, and in 2016 it was designated a European City of Culture. Wroclaw was named the best destination in Europe in 2018, demonstrating how ideal it would be for any international student to live and study there.


Courses in Study In Poland

Degrees In Poland That You Might Be Interested In Pursuing

  • Agriculture degrees in Poland
  • Biology degrees in Poland
  • Biomedical Engineering degrees in Poland
  • Business Management degrees in Poland
  • Chemistry degrees in Poland
  • Data Science degrees in Poland
  • Economics degrees in Poland
  • Engineering Management degrees in Poland
  • Environmental Science degrees in Poland
  • Finance degrees in Poland
  • Food Science degrees in Poland
  • Governance degrees in Poland
  • Graphic Design degrees in Poland
  • History degrees in Poland
  • Horticulture degrees in Poland
  • Hospitality degrees in Poland
  • Industrial Engineering degrees in Poland
  • International Business degrees in Poland
  • International Relations degrees in Poland
  • Journalism degrees in Poland
  • Law degrees in Poland
  • Marketing degrees in Poland
  • Mathematics degrees in Poland
  • Medicine degrees in Poland
  • Photography degrees in Poland
  • Physics degrees in Poland
  • Political Science degrees in Poland
  • Public Relations degrees in Poland
  • Sociology degrees in Poland

Masters You May Be Interested In Studying In Poland

  • Agriculture masters in Poland
  • Biology masters in Poland
  • Biomedical Engineering masters in Poland
  • Business Management masters in Poland
  • Chemistry masters in Poland
  • Data Science masters in Poland
  • Economics masters in Poland
  • Engineering Management masters in Poland
  • Environmental Science masters in Poland
  • Finance masters in Poland
  • Food Science masters in Poland
  • Governance masters in Poland
  • Graphic Design masters in Poland
  • History masters in Poland
  • Horticulture masters in Poland
  • Hospitality masters in Poland
  • Industrial Engineering masters in Poland
  • International Business masters in Poland
  • International Relations masters in Poland
  • Journalism masters in Poland
  • Law masters in Poland
  • MBA masters in Poland
  • Marketing masters in Poland
  • Mathematics masters in Poland
  • Medicine masters in Poland
  • Photography masters in Poland
  • Physics masters in Poland
  • Political Science masters in Poland
  • Public Relations masters in Poland
  • Sociology masters in Poland

Universities In Poland

  • Collegium Civitas
  • Coventry University Wrocław
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Medical University of Bialystok
  • Medical University of Lodz
  • Silesian University of Technology
  • SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • University of Agriculture in Krakow
  • University of Information Technology and Management
  • University of Silesia in Katowice
  • University of the Fine Arts Poznan
  • University of Warsaw
  • University of Wroclaw
  • Vistula University
  • Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences
  • Wroclaw University of Economics
  • Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences
  • Wroclaw University of Health and Sport Sciences
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