Interview Preparation

Interviews are carried out at various stages of the study abroad process to learn more about the prospective applicants. Because this is one of the most important parts of the process, students cannot afford to be nervous or make a mistake that would jeopardize their chances of attending their preferred university.


Lakshya Overseas is a platform with years of experience in preparing potential students for these high-level interviews. Whether you're applying for a university or a student visa, you'll almost certainly receive good assistance that will not only help you stay calm during the interview but also help you ace them.

The goal of student interviews for university applications is to let the selection committee understand why you would choose their school. They want to know your reasons behind your course choice, what your professional goals are, and if you can adjust to the university's environment.

After you've been accepted to your preferred university, you'll need to finish the visa application procedure. Despite timely completion of the process, excellent documentation, and satisfying all criteria, visa applications are frequently denied. It is because learners are unable to pass the visa interview. Knowing how to respond to the questions and being well-prepared will help you secure a visa.

Applicants who are well prepared, answer all questions calmly and confidently, and keep the conversation flowing are more likely to acquire their visa. At every step of the road, our Lakshya Overseas consultants will hold your hand. We will prepare you for the interview in such a way that you will be able to simply communicate your viewpoints to the interviewer.

Thousands of students have been trained by the lakshya counselors through mock interviews. Our team leaves no stone unturned in assisting you with your interview preparation, which includes:

General Preparation

We will walk you through the immigration and university interview processes, as well as prepare you for the most frequently asked questions. We'll show you how to stay on topic without straying off on tangents. We show you how to respond to open-ended questions because one-line answers are inappropriate.

Physical Preparation

The image you portray is as crucial as the words you say. What you look like, how you present yourself, and how you respond to questions are all equally significant. We will advise you on how to dress and act politely and respectfully to make a positive impression.

Attitude Preparation

The selection committee will significantly focus on your behavior and body language during the interview. We'll show you how to give concise, to-the-point responses that are appropriate to the context. It is also critical that you demonstrate your uniqueness to the interviewer. You must not act or pretend to be someone you are not.

Sample Questions

We've discovered the most relevant and common interview questions based on our years of experience. Our knowledgeable counselors will assist you in determining the best approach to respond to the questions and will be ready to answer any queries you may have.

Lakshya professionals prepare all students well in advance so that they may approach interviews with confidence and a pleasant attitude. We prepare you from the ground up, teaching you everything from posture and body language to how to answer interview questions.

During mock interviews, we create an environment that is comparable to that which students may encounter during their university or visa interview at the consulate. This practical method boosts the applicants' confidence and morale, allowing them to perform dexterously in their interviews.




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