Requirements for Work Experience

Because this is an undergraduate program, candidates are not required to have any work experience. Candidates with appropriate work experience or internships between semesters, on the other hand, would only enhance their student profiles.

Requirements for Applications

Because the application is for a Bachelor of Hotel Management degree in another country, university requirements may differ. For your BHM application procedure, we have supplied general application requirements (but not limited to).

  • Mark sheets for classes 10 and 12
  • Certificate of School Dismissal and School Migration
  • Financial Statements for Individuals
  • Previous job experience (if any)
  • Test of English Proficiency
  • Scores on the SAT/ACT (subject to country)
  • Purpose Statement
  • Recommendation letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Application Essay (subject to university/college requirements)

Exam(s) required studying BHM in another country

Students are frequently required to take an English proficiency test to verify their mastery of English in countries where education is held to a higher level. Universities may also require applicants to submit their SAT/ACT scores as part of the admissions process. Candidates should be aware that each university has its own set of admission eligibility requirements that they must follow. As previously stated, there are no hard and fast rules. It is generally a good idea for candidates to make a shortlist of prominent hotel management colleges, examine the qualifying requirements for each, and apply accordingly.


qs world ranking 2022: best universities for studying hospitality:

qs world ranking 2022: best universities for studying hospitality:

Ranks Universities Place
1. ehl hospitality business school Switzerland
2. university of nevada United States
3. shms - swiss hotel management school Switzerland
4. glion institute of higher education Switzerland
5. les roches global hospitality education Switzerland
6. cesar ritz colleges switzerland Switzerland
7. hotel institute montreux Switzerland
8. culinary arts academy switzerland Switzerland
9. hotel school the hague Netherlands
10. the hong kong polytechnic university Hong Kong
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