Best SAT Coaching

The Digital SAT is the online version of the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test), a standardized college admission test used to measure critical reading, writing, and math skills.

We at Lakshya Overseas assist students to prepare for SAT and other Language proficiency test at our multiple centers in Indore | Pune | Surat | Ludhiana | Chandigarh | Vadodara.


SAT Exam Pattern

Duration: 3 hours (without the optional essay)

Score Range: 400-1600

Format: Computer-based

Subjects Tested: Reading, Writing and Language, Math (with calculator allowed) and an optional Essay

Number of Questions:

Reading: 52 questions (65 minutes)
Writing and Language: 44 questions (35 minutes)
Math (with calculator): 58 questions (80 minutes)
Essay (optional): 1 prompt (50 minutes)

Why Choose Lakshya Overseas?

Our team at Lakshya Overseas Education is dedicated to providing personalized support to help students achieve their study abroad goals. We have a wealth of experience in the field, and are well-versed in the latest requirements and trends in standardized tests and the application process. With our expert guidance, students can feel confident and prepared as they take the next step in their education journey. Choose us for a stress-free and successful study abroad experience.


Why SAT Coaching

SAT coaching provides students with the tools, strategies and guidance they need to succeed on the test. With personalized attention from experienced and knowledgeable instructors, students can get a thorough understanding of the exam's format and content, and develop effective test-taking skills. This helps to boost their confidence and increases their chances of achieving a high score, which is essential for gaining admission to their preferred colleges and universities. Coaching also offers students the opportunity to receive constructive feedback and work on their weaknesses, making it an efficient and effective way to prepare for the SAT. Whether you're looking to improve your score or reach your full potential, SAT coaching is a wise investment in your future success.

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