Scholarship Application Assistance

Studying abroad can be a pricey affair and navigating the financial aid system for students can be complicated and perplexing. Ambitious students who are eager to apply for scholarships need to be aware of the rules for completing their applications on time. It's also critical that your application be competitive enough to get you the financial aid.


Students ought not to be discouraged since Lakshya Overseas' outstanding counselors can aid you in identifying appropriate sources of funding for your education. International institutions provide several scholarship opportunities to help students save a significant amount of money on tuition while honoring their commitment to their studies.

Scholarship aid not only relieves the financial burden on prospective students but also inspires them to achieve the best possible results to continue to benefit from this generosity.

In numerous ways, the eligibility criteria for international university scholarship programs differ from one another. However, several prerequisites apply to all scholarships, including:

  • An excellent academic record
  • Timely submission of Application
  • Proof of Capability must be submitted to be considered for financial assistance
  • A strong Application

Merit-based Scholarships

These scholarships are sponsored by universities as well as state governments and are awarded for individual achievements. These include academic, artistic, athletic, and other achievements.

Need-based Scholarships

These are given to applicants who are in desperate need of financial assistance. To be eligible for this scholarship program, students must demonstrate a predefined degree of financial need. It could cover living expenses, tuition fees, book charges, and so forth.

Private scholarships

Corporations, religious organizations, professional organizations, civic, non-profit organizations, and others provide these services. Individuals might be awarded these scholarships for their academic achievements, religious affiliations, extracurricular achievements, ethnic heritage, community activity, and other factors.

How does the Lakshya Team assist you?

Thousands of students compete for financial aid through scholarships, grants, and bursaries. Furthermore, application deadlines are frequently set early in the school year. Our experts are always monitoring the precise criteria established by various universities, as well as their deadlines, expectations, and other factors.

If any early-bird discounts or scholarships are available, our efficient team will request them on your behalf. Furthermore, based on your eligibility, we will recommend your profile to the best university scholarship programs.

Based on your eligibility, we assist you in selecting the right scholarship option for you. We then work with you to create a strong application that will be difficult for the authorities to reject.




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