Posted Mar 2023

Delegates from South Korea have been invited to speak at our seminar

We are delighted to extend an invitation to a seminar conducted by
Lakshya Overseas in Indore on April 8th, 2023, on Pune April 9th, 2023 which will cover the topic of Studying in South Korea with scholarships of up to 100%.

Education in South Korea is held to the highest levels possible. Universities in South Korea offer a wide variety of courses in a variety of fields, including media and design, business and economics, STEM, and more.

Delegates from South Korea have been invited to speak at our seminar.
These include *1) Prof. Dr. John Lee, who is the President of Kyungdong University Global Campus
2) Mr. Murray (Min Soo) Kim, the Marketing Manager of the International Office
3) Julia Jung, the Managing Director of KUAC (Korean Universities Admission Center).
We will provide you with valuable information about studying in South Korea, one of the most popular study abroad destinations in Asia.

Here are some reasons why you should consider studying in South Korea:

Top-ranked universities

High-quality education

Affordable tuition fees

Unique cultural experience

Opportunities for language learning

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