Posted Jan 2023


Anyone who has ever lived overseas will attest to the difficulty of finding work there, and searching for part-time student jobs is no exception. Finding the time to work while attending classes, studying, and extracurricular activities are a monumental task that calls for the best time management abilities. 
Despite the difficulties, working part-time while in college can result in extra money that can be utilized for weekend getaways, enjoy cultural events, and expensive dining out. Taking on part-time student jobs is a fantastic way to network with locals and learn more about the culture of your host nation.
We want to offer the four techniques that will be help for those of wishing to work while studying abroad or who need to advise on how to acquire a job as a college student! The advice provided below is intended to help you find a part-time job abroad and strike a balance between working and studying abroad.

1. Be open to all possibilities

Keep an open mind when searching for part-time student jobs overseas! Try to focus on the flexibility of the position rather than how it will appear on your CV as these jobs are all about paying for your weekend excursions and other living expenditures. You want part-time employment that doesn't conflict with your class schedule but rather works with it.
Look for a variety of student jobs, such as office assistant, babysitter, cook, and housekeeping. Try locating part-time student employment that you can easily commute to from your college or area. Do any neighboring coffee shops employ part-time baristas? 
Studying abroad help jobs might also be a fantastic fit for you if you want to take advantage of your varied educational experience. These kinds of jobs include assistant for study abroad programs and ambassador for overseas students. When looking for a job abroad, it's important to be innovative and open to as many chances as you can. Studying abroad is all about having new experiences, after all!

2. Get your resume ready in advance:

Although you can look for and apply for part-time student employment online, many positions are filled on the spot by just strolling up with your résumé. It's crucial to always have printed copies of your resume with you when you're out and about so you can quickly apply if you come across a place that interests you.

In order to get part-time employment as a student  create two resumes: one in local language and another  in English. When looking for a job overseas or landing an international position, sending English resumes to organizations hiring online is beneficial. 
You can carry the two versions of your resume with you while you ride your  bike or stroll through the city centre to distribute them at stores and eateries. You will be called in for numerous interviews using this technique, and may stand a chance for a job.

3. Look Your Best for the Job Interview

First impressions are crucial while looking for part-time student jobs overseas! If you offer the manager your resume in person, make a point of greeting them warmly and smiling so they'll remember you when they review your CV.

Attempt to dress neatly and suitably for the student job you are seeking for if they like your resume and call you in for an interview. Dress professionally and formally to convey that you are serious about this potential job opportunity.

If you are not yet fluent in the language spoken in your host nation, practice it at home with an emphasis on any terms or phrases you might require for the interview. Even if you are confident in your language abilities, speaking and listening practice at home will help you appear more composed and collected when you are interviewed.

4. Use Your Time Management and Networking Skills

Some students could be fortunate enough to apply for a few part-time student jobs and obtain them immediately away, but others might have to wait weeks or months. Maintain your concentration on your education while looking for jobs in your leisure time. Inform your friends and others you know who could know something about part-time jobs for students or practical advice on how to land a job. Make relationships and keep applying, please! You'll have your chance.
Learn how to successfully balance employment and school after you've found a part-time position. You'll achieve success in the classroom and at work if you skillfully balance working and studying abroad.

Happy learning abroad! For any more assistance contact Lakshya Overseas Education right away!

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