Posted Jan 2023

5 Reasons to Select UK for Your Future Studies

The United Kingdom (UK) has a world-class education system that consistently ranks among the best in the world. Over 6,000,00 foreign students enroll in its various academic programmes each year, from ESL to doctoral degrees. The UK's higher education system is highly regarded, and students have the flexibility to tailor their degrees to their individual areas of academic interest. Also not only this, the UK has a long list of reasons why it is the best choice for your future studies. The following are five convincing reasons for studying in the United Kingdom.

1. Academic Excellence
There is a long tradition of excellence in education in the United Kingdom. UK universities routinely are placed high in worldwide rankings of academic excellence and draw some of the world's brightest minds.
British universities have a stellar reputation for equipping students with knowledge, experience, and ability to think critically and creatively, which is essential to their professional success. Not only that, but even at the undergraduate level, institutions of higher education in the United Kingdom provide specialized degrees. For those who can't wait until graduate school to focus their education, this is a great option.

2. Affordability
University education in the UK is also relatively inexpensive, which is a huge plus for international students. This is due to the shorter time required to complete a degree in the UK. As a result, your tuition costs will be lower.
In the United Kingdom, a bachelor's degree can be earned in three years, while a master's degree can be earned in just one. Whereas in most other countries it takes at least four years to earn a bachelor's degree and another two to three years to earn a master's or doctorate.

3. Work Opportunities
During the academic year, a student from outside the EU can work up to 20 hours per week, and they can work full time during the summer and winter. As a student, you can combine your education with this opportunity to obtain work experience, expand your network, and supplement your income. 
Internships are becoming increasingly prevalent in academic programmes, with many universities actively encouraging and even requiring students to participate. This means that you can start building your resume while still in school.

4. Health Benefits for Students
The National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom offers outstanding healthcare and insurance, making it one of the most attractive features of studying there for international students (National Health Services).
Medical care for international students in the UK is provided at no cost to the student. Students must pay the Immigration Health Surcharge in addition to the student visa fee in order to be eligible for these benefits.

5. Experience a Unique Culture
Britain's rich cultural diversity is a direct result of the country's multiethnic population. Anyone from any part of the globe can settle in quickly and happily in the United Kingdom.
The history of the United Kingdom is fascinating, and the country's landscape is breathtaking. There is a wide variety of things to do in the evenings. No matter where in the UK you decide to study, you will never be bored. You can spend your time away from the books at coffee shops, stadiums, markets, concerts, and museums.

After considering all the benefits of studying in the United Kingdom, you may finally make the decision to go there. Many different academic programmes are available at UK universities, giving international students a wide range of options. When it comes to choosing a university in another country, Lakshya Overseas is here to help you narrow down your options to find the greatest fit for your degree and requirements.

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