Posted Jan 2023

7 Best Reasons to Study in New Zealand

Studies abroad are becoming more and more commonplace. The reason is that internationally recognized degrees from well-known New Zealand institutions are becoming incredibly popular in studying abroad. Excellent English language packages offered by New Zealand universities draw a significant number of university graduates. The word that comes to mind when we think about New Zealand's educational system is unquestionably "Spectacular." Following the border controls, the government has resumed accepting international students and is amenable to providing post-study employment visas as well.

There are numerous explanations for choosing to Study in New Zealand. Among them are:

1. Access to top-notch education

The QS World Rankings include every university in New Zealand. Each one of them.
New Zealand has invested much in its educational system recently, employing a model that is comparable to but equally accredited to the British one, and the effort has already started to bear fruit:

The University of Waikato in Hamilton is ranked 72nd in the world and first in New Zealand for its research impact and quality. The University of Auckland is listed in the QS world top 100, and the Victoria University of Wellington is in the top 1% in 19 different academic areas.
In addition to offering high-quality education, New Zealand's universities also attract students from throughout the world, with over 30,000 of them studying there in 2018. In fact, a sizable 20% of students at Victoria University of Wellington are international.

The network of assistance for international students is another. Given the financial benefit that overseas students provide to New Zealand's universities, they have created a robust and compassionate system for student welfare in order to make sure that the student experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

2. Higher number of scholarships and lower tuition

Although New Zealand's educational system is significantly influenced by the British one, it is less expensive. The average cost of a year's worth of tuition is about NZ$20,000, or just under £10,000. You should now have a little extra cash to enjoy yourself!
There are several alternatives for scholarships to help pay for your studies in addition to the lower tuition prices. Finding one to which you could apply requires some searching and investigation, but we advise starting by looking through the websites of any universities you're interested in applying to.

3. Research-based Institutions
We all envision studying in the United Kingdom or the United States when we hear about research-based universities. But when it comes to institutions that focus on research, New Zealand is not at all behind. New Zealand's distinctive educational system encourages structured and methodical instruction. No matter whatever course you select, academic or practical, you will learn through real-world, hands-on methods. Students in New Zealand are encouraged to collaborate with others and work on their own projects for better knowledge. This stuff undoubtedly aids students in preparation for placements in prestigious institutions.

4. Part-time work opportunities 
International students are permitted to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week in New Zealand. This has to be completed within class hours. You can most definitely work full-time during the academic year if you pursue a PhD or master's degree in New Zealand. While studying in New Zealand institutions, you can definitely work part-time and supplement your income while many countries do not permit it for students. You may work part-time jobs during your education, but New Zealand also permits you to remain in the country for an additional year once your course is over to work full-time. This may enable you to obtain experience working for multinational corporations, which will benefit you in your pursuit of well-paying positions.

5. Safe and peaceful environment
Every kid wants to learn in an environment that is secure. There is no bullying or harassment directed toward them. In the last ten years, New Zealand has had the lowest crime rate, and its rules for accepting overseas students are also quite beneficial. The number of overseas students studying in New Zealand has increased dramatically over the past ten years as a result of its tranquil and secure environment. Since its residents are a diverse group, the nation extends a warm welcome to international students from other cultures.

6. A wonderful culture
The indigenous Mori people of New Zealand, who have their own language and mythology, have a rich cultural past that meets British-influenced Western customs. Today, Mori culture is frequently portrayed in New Zealand's arts, crafts, and cuisine.
Another cultural point is that sport in New Zealand is a serious endeavor. Although cricket is incredibly popular, rugby is where they really excel. The well-known Haka, a ceremonial dance performed by the national rugby team to terrify the opposition, is another area where you may witness the Mori ways. Despite having a population of less than 5 million, New Zealand's national team, known as "The All Blacks," is the country's pride because it is regarded as the greatest rugby nation in the world.

7. Grace of nature
We're now moving into the genuinely exciting material. In terms of natural beauty, New Zealand is simply one of the most renowned nations in the world. Because of its stunning vast areas and rough scenery, it was infamously utilized as the shooting location for the Lord of the Rings film trilogy. It features a stunning coastline, formidable mountain ranges, rolling vineyards, and both winter and sunshine. Undoubtedly, a vacation in a camper van across these breathtaking landscapes is required to fully see New Zealand.
In essence, it's the ideal location for leading an outdoors, healthy lifestyle, yet the big cities and towns are cool, fashionable, and modern.

So why are you still waiting? To launch your career in a successful direction, submit an application with us today to attend a prestigious university in New Zealand. In addition to helping you choose a program, university, or location, Lakshya Overseas Education also offers the very affordable application and visa assistance.

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