Posted Feb 2023

5 Tips on how to overcome language barriers as an international student

Language is the gateway to a society’s culture and values. As a student aiming to build a career at a university abroad, it is wise to know the basics of the newer society that you are throwing yourself into. English is a global language and knowing it will solve more than half of your linguistics issues. It is least likely that translations or gadgets used to translate the lecture aren't available. There could be a few locals who might try mocking you or trick you with a foreign language, but you can always remain calm and seek help. Below are 5 similar tips for overcoming the language barrier as an international student.

1. Learning partner: A partner who is in a similar situation or a local who agrees to help you could be great. Ensure to be in touch and help whenever in need. This mutual exchange of ideas and developing friendships can work a lot in your favor. Local tours and an understanding of their culture can help you be in sync with what is taught. 
2. It's about the speed: It's not always that you won't understand English but the accent and the speed at which natives speak will always be different. Understand this and request your fellows to speak slowly. Once you are able to make sense of their pronunciations, you will find yourself comfortable. 
3. Talk less, listen more: In a foreign country, mostly every other student is likely to feel overwhelmed. Out of excitement, you may end up talking more but the key is to talk less and listen more. Listening more will help you grasp the native ways of communication. Learning a language is not just the word but a lot more about context and tone. When you listen more, you get an idea of words that are repeatedly used in a similar context. You can then make sense of everything. 
4. Thanks, sorry, and please: Visit any place yet the basic manners of saying sorry, thank you and please can instantly win you over people. Learn the spelling and pronunciation of these 3 magical words in the native language. Use them whenever you miss out on any word or things to politely ask for help.  
5. Gather media resources: Media is a great way to make sense of any foreign language and culture. Get some well-known movies and popular TV shows. Try to grasp the pronunciation with the subtitles. A few media resources should be good for you to communicate easily. There are a lot many apps that help you learn and translate different languages. The intuitive interface and gaming nature of these apps help you learn a foreign language quickly.

Realizing the dream of studying abroad is surely an overwhelming feeling. The excitement to meet new people, learning about a new culture, and get to another country itself is fascinating. However, every change comes with some downsides as well. To ensure you are well-prepared for the same, our virtual assistance goes throughout your journey. We at Lakshya Overseas ensure end-to-end assistance for your study abroad dreams. Spread the word and we are there to take care of one’s study abroad dream. 

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